About Tresvillas


The English owners of Tresvillas, Tony and Debby Brown, started with their first house Estrella in 2004 and have only recently added newly-constructed Antonio and Carmen in the last two years. All three houses are available as holiday rentals from 2017.

Tony and Debby spend time in both the UK and Spain and Tresvillas is a project born out of their love of the Sierra de Aracena and Alájar in particular. Their taste for Spanish culture was begun in Mexico where they lived for 4 years and all of the houses include objects brought back from that country.

In part the inspiration for creating a three house holiday centre was a much quoted Oscar Wilde comment “Friends and family are like fish they go off after 3 days”. Tresvillas therefore gives extended family groups and friends the opportunity to spend time together while having a measure of independence by having their own villa. Or single family groups can just take one of the houses since they are also set up to be completely independent of each other.